Fees and Charges

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Charging of Fees for Services - Please note the fees below take effect from 1 August, 2019.

Fees are assessed on a sliding scale according to your ability to pay. If you are in receipt of a full pension or low income, but have additional expenses which make it difficult for you to afford the service, you may apply for a reduced fee.

When calculating fees, the following guide lines will be applied:

  • Services will remain affordable according to individual circumstances;
  • No eligible person will be denied a service on the grounds of their incapacity to pay;
  • Services will go to those in greatest need;
  • Consideration will be given to those who have additional expenses;
  • Everyone has the right to appeal any decision made.

Clients who have been assessed as eligible for services and have the capacity to pay are required to contribute to the cost of the service. Client contributions do not exceed the actual cost of service provision. Fees are set on a sliding scale based on client’s assessed income. Client fees are reviewed annually in line with Council’s budget process. Clients are to be notified in writing of any changes to the fee structure. The revenue from client contributions are used to support ongoing service delivery including the expansion of services.

Commonwealth Home Support program (Client aged 65+) and Home and Community Care Program (Clients aged < 65 )



 Personal Care per hr

 Respite Care per hr

 Domestic Assistance per hr

 Low Range




 Medium Range




 High Range








 Occupational Therapist


 Per episode

 Property Maintenance / Home Modifications


 Per hour (each worker)

 Lawn Mowing / Brush Cutting


 Per hour (each worker)

 Delivered Meals – 3 Course


 Per 3 course

 Delivered Meals – 2 Course


 Per 2 course

 Delivered Meals – Main Meal only


 Per meal

 Social Support Groups – Centre Based – Long Day


 Per session

 Social Support Groups – Centre Based – Short Day


 Per session

 Social Support Groups – Outings (buy your own meal)

 $8.50 plus lunch

 Per session

 Dementia Respite Program


 Per session

 Shopping Group Transport


 Per session

 Ladies Group Transport


 Per session


Income Ranges 2018 - The income ranges are based on the Centrelink Income test for pensioners. 
















Family (1 Child)





(plus $6,195 per additional child)

Fees for service will be communicated to you before the service commences.

Setting of Client Fees

  • Clients are to nominate their income using the Income Self Declaration Form.

Assessable Income

  • Where a couple both benefit from the provision of a service, their combined income is assessed.
  • Where only one member of a couple or household benefits from a Service, that person’s income only will be assessed.
  • Where an older person or person with a disability over the age of 16 is living with a family or carer, only the income of the older person or person with a disability is assessed.
  • Where there is a family with a child or children with a disability under the age of 16, the family’s income is assessed.

Inability to Pay

  • During times of extreme financial hardship, no client will be declined services due to their inability to pay. Alternative arrangements can be discussed for those unable to pay the requested contribution.

Full Cost Recovery

  • Full cost recovery rate will be charged to all agencies purchasing services on behalf of a client on a package or brokerage basis.
  • Full cost recovery rate may also be charged to clients who have a substantial income; however Assessment staff / Service Support staff will have discretion to negotiate an appropriate fee in response to individual circumstances.

Complaints Procedure

  • Complaints regarding the charging and processing of fees will be handled via the Moorabool Shire's Complaints procedure.

Active Ageing & Community Access  2019/2020; Full Cost Fee Schedule for Brokerage agencies 



 Pre GST






 Home Safety Check (if not provided by agency.  Must be Grampians Region Service Provider Home Safety Checklist)

 Per Check




 Occupational Therapist Services-Assessment

 Per Hour




 Occupational Therapy Services review

 Per Hour




 Home Care / Respite Care / Personal Care Assistance – Core  hours*

 Per Hour





 Home Care / Respite Care / Personal Care Assistance – After hours**

 Per Hour




 Property Maintenance (materials will incur additional charges)

 Per Hour




 Social Support Groups – Level 1 & 2 Packages (includes meal and transport to and from venue)

 Per Session




Social Support Groups – Level 3 & 4 Packages (includes meal and transport to and from venue)

 Per Hour




Client Transport per Km**


 Per Km




Delivered Meals


Per meal

 3 course

 2 course

 Main Meal only














*   Core hours are 6.00am – 6.00pm

** After hours effective 6.00pm – 6.00am, weekends and public holidays

Note: Moorabool Shire Council may choose to seek payment for services that are unproductive (client un-notified absence) or cancelled with less than 24 hrs notice.  The rate will be billed at the applicable “Core Hours” or “After Hours” rates whichever is applicable.


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