Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page contains answers to commonly raised queries about the services offered by Moorabool Shire Council. Use the category dropdown to filter FAQs or enter keywords to search all FAQs.

  • What does my pet registration pay for?

    Dog and cat registration fees assist in funding vital animal management services throughout the community including:

    • Animal collections
    • Officers to investigate animal complaints
    • Domestic animal pound for lost, found and abandoned dogs and cats
    • Animal adoption program
    • Domestic animal business audits
    • Management of declared dogs
    • Emergency animal welfare prepareness
    • Discounted pet microchipping days
    • Responsible pet ownership programs
  • How do I report livestock on a road?

    Council’s Community Safety team respond to reports of livestock wandering onto Council roads.

    To report livestock on a Council road, please call Customer Service.

    If outside business hours, please call the Community Safety Emergency line on 0400 501 696.

    To report livestock on a VicRoads managed road (eg) call 13 11 70, 24 hours a day.

    In an emergency, you can always call the Police on 000.

  • I have lost my dog or cat registration tag, can I get a replacement?

    Yes. Contact Customer Service or visit us and a replacement tag will be issued for a fee of $4.60.

  • How do I register my cat or dog?

    If you are registering your cat and dog for the first time you will need to call Council.

    Remember to bring evidence that your dog or cat is microchipped and any supporting information (eg. Desexing certificate etc) that may qualify you for a reduced registration fee.

    Registration renewals can be paid over the phone, BPay or Post Bill Pill Pay.

  • How am I entitled to a reduced dog and cat registration fee?

    If your dog or cat meets one or more of the following you will be eligible for a reduced fee.

    If the dog or cat is:

    • desexed,
    • over 10 years of age, or
    • kept for breeding at a registered domestic animal business, or
    • registered with an applicable organisation and the owner is also a member of that applicable organisation,
    • a dog that has undergone obedience training with an approved organisations, or
    • a dog kept for the purpose of working stock.

    Applicable organisations are:

    • Australian National Cats Inc.
    • DOGS Victoria
    • Feline Control Council (Victoria) Inc.
    • Greyhound Racing Victoria, and
    • The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy Australia and Victoria Inc.

    Approved organisations - Obedience Training are:

    • DOGS Victoria
    • Australian Association of Professional Dog Trainers Inc.
    • The Dog Trainers Associations
    • Four Paws K9 Training

    To qualify for a reduced registration fee you must provide documentary proof.

    Pensioner discount only applies to current full Pensioner Concession Card, Department Veteran Affairs TPI or War Widow card holders.

  • How do I report my pet if it is lost?

    Contact Customer Service so they can lodge a lost pet report. 

    The Customer Service will ask you to provide as much information as possible, such as a descripition, when last seen and if registered and microchipped. 

  • What happens if my dog rushes or chases someone?

    If your dog rushes at or chases someone, you may be fined, and your dog declared as a menacing dog. Legally dogs must kept under effective control at all times and be kept on leash except at designated off leash areas. 

  • How do I report a dog attack?

    Council’s Community Safety team takes dog attacks very seriously and encourages the reporting of them.

    Officers will need the following information: 

    • The date and time when the incident happened
    • The breed of dog involved 
    • Where the incident occured
    • What happened
    • The location of where the dog lives, if known

    To make a dog attack report, please contact us.

  • Why do you hold animals for 8 days at the pound?

    All pounds and shelters in Victoria must comply with the State Government code of practice. The code outlines how these facilities are to operate, including the mandatory holding time for stray animals.

    For more information

  • How much does it cost to have my pet released from the pound?

    If you pet is impounded, fees apply prior to release. 

    You may also be liable for infringements, for your pet being at large and if it isn’t registered with Council.