The Culture and Heritage of Lady Northcote Children's Farm School

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Event Date(s) and Time(s)

Saturday, 21 April, 2018 - 01:00


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1273 Glenmore Road
Rowsley VIC 3340

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Event Organising Body: 
Lady Northcote Historians
Event Organiser: 
Mal Rogers


Event Fees: 
Gold Coin donation


An Open Day to showcase the history and stories of Lady Northcote over the years. There will be guided tours around the restored Cottage by people who lived and grew up in the Cottages.
They will share their stories and experiences of what it was like to live there. Although the Cottage has recently been restored to the stye of the1950s era, the Farm was originally opened in 1937 and celebrated its 80th birthday in 2017.
In the cottage are restored chairs, beds and a complete kitchen as well as many other items as they would have been in that era.

Original footage of reel-to-reel film - now converted to DVD will be shown at the Cottage. This footage shows how the Farm School was promoted as a potential home for orphans and homeless children sent from the United Kingdom to Australia. A copy of this DVD can be purchased at the cottage.

On display, you will find photos, bulletins and a collage of pictures that show what is was like for the children who called the Cottages home. Afternoon tea will be served as part of the day.

Please note there is access for the disabled at the rear of the Cottage.

Gold coin donation requested.

Target Audience: 
Historians families

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