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Tuesday, 22 September, 2020 - 00:00


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Online VIC 3340



Customers spend a lot of time on Facebook. Use the power of social media to drive your audience to buy your products without even leaving the platform. Allow customers to browse, share, and purchase your products.

If you want to start selling your products on the Facebook Shop, this activity-based workshop is for you! Within this session, our presenter will take you through several activities so you can walk away with tangible outcomes.

In this workshop, you will complete the following activities:

  • Set up a Facebook Shop
  • Set up a product catalogue in preparation for selling
  • Set up a simple advertisement to sell a product on Facebook
  • Bonus: Connect your Facebook Shop to your Instagram account (if relevant)

Important: To set up a Facebook Shop, you must prepare at least one product image, description, price, postage method, and payment provider. This must be done prior to this workshop.


REGISTER ONLINE. Use the early bird promo code "EBF4D"

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