Community Session 4: AEMO explains RiT-T and findings

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Wednesday, 09 December, 2020 - 07:00


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Moorabool Shire Council
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Loren Dela Cruz



This community session will address common community questions regarding the initial assessments behind the Western Victoria Transmission Network Project including:

  • What is the RiT-T process and how was it done for the WVTNP?
  • What were the findings?
  • How/what alternatives were considered?    

Wednesday 9 December 2020
6pm- 7pm
Click here to join the online community session


Members of the public are encouraged to submit questions by emailing the Major Developments team by Friday 4 December 2020. All submissions will be collated into themes for AEMO to address on the night. Due to time constraints, there will be very limited live Q&A during the session but all unanswered questions/ comments will be sent to AEMO for their written response.

If you know someone who doesn't have access to the internet and would benefit from this session, please contact our Major Developments team on (03) 5366 7100 to see how we can accommodate. 


We look forward to hearing from AEMO representatives: 

  • Dr Alex Wonhas FTSE - Chief System Design & Engineering Officer, AEMO
    Alex is responsible for overseeing AEMO’s expanded focus on system design, development and engineering, which includes planning and forecasting.

  • Tony Chappel - Chief External Affairs Officer, AEMO
    Tony oversees AEMO’s industry, government, media, communications, emergency management, and stakeholder relations.

  • Greg Thorpe - Executive Director, Oakley Greenwood
    Greg has 40 years experience in the electricity sector and provides expert advice on a wide range of economic, technical and governance questions in the utility energy sector.

  • Alistair Parker - Executive General Manager, Regulation & External Affairs, AusNet Services
    Alistair leads the regulation and external affairs team, focusing on customer and community needs during the energy transition.


As the transmission network planner for Victoria, AEMO completed a Regulatory Investment Test for Transmission (RIT-T) to assess the technical and economic viability of increasing transmission network capacity to address current limitations in the Western Victoria transmission network, in accordance with the National Electricity Rules (NER). In July 2019, they published a Project Assessment Conclusions Report (PACR) which presented their recommended solution and intended course of action: 190km of high voltage overhead transmission lines between Sydenham and Bulgana, a new terminal station north of Ballarat and minor upgrades to existing infrastructure. In December 2019, AEMO selected AusNet Services to deliver the project.  

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