Proposed Amendment To Existing Maddingley Coal Landfill To Include Household Waste (Putrescible Waste)

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Proposed Amendment to Existing Maddingley Coal Landfill to Include Household Waste (Putrescible Waste)

Project Update 17/07/2019

UPDATE 17/07/2019 - Submissions closed, next steps.

Thank you for your thoughts, comments and concerns raised regrading the application to amend Maddingley Brown Coal Landfill to include putrescible waste and vary their hours of operation. Please be advised officers are intending to present this application to Council for consideration in the coming month(s). We apologise for the delay however we have been waiting on a couple of referral authorities to provide further clarification on their responses.


As the report to Council is now being finalised public submissions have closed, allowing officers time to consider all received submissions and prepare a well-informed document for Councillors to consider and make a determination.


Please note all who made submissions regarding this proposal will be notified of the relevant Council meeting the report it is being presented to, and provided with the opportunity to attend. We will also publicise the received feedback on this page once compiled.


UPDATE 15/05/2019

For those who were unable to attend the Community Information Session on Tuesday 7th May, the notes from the session can be accessed below.


Public Information Session Presentation - 7 May 2019




Moorabool Shire will be holding a Community Information Session, open to everyone.  All authors of previous submissions will be notified of this session in writing and information of this session has also been provided on the Moorabool Shire website.


Time: 6:00pm

Date: Tuesday 7th May 2019

Location: Supper Room, 207 Main Street, Bacchus Marsh




An application has been received by Moorabool Shire Council to consider the following amendments to PA2011338 – Maddingley Brown Coal Landfill – 11 Tilleys Road, Maddingley.

  • Acceptance of household (putrescible) waste
  • Increase hours of operation to include Good Friday and Christmas.

The applicant has confirmed it will not be accepting any solid bio-waste to site.

This application makes part of the sites greater plan to convert waste to energy.

Moorabool Council has undertaken public notification of the proposed application through a letter mail out to all properties located within the Special Use Zone 1 (approximately 1.3km from the proposed application area), a sign on site, notifications in the newspaper and information on our webpage. Advertising was undertaken from 25 January 2019, completing on the 5th March 2019.


Community Response to Date

We have received a strong response from the community on this proposal. The key themes of your submissions included:

  • Odour, noise and dust managemnet;
  • Traffic concerns;
  • Impacts on surrounding residents;
  • Environmental concerns;
  • Increased risk to school and public health.


We are taking your submissions seriously and are currently reviewing them to determine:

  1. If further information is required; and
  2. In preparation for two public information sessions where we will update you on our process to date and how we will proceed forward. This application will need to be determined by Council in the coming months.


It is important to note that comments such as property devaluation, or existing operations will not be considered as part of this assessment and determination.


Further Information

Information Sheet (PDF copy)


Please see the site plan below demonstrating the site and proposed area for putrescible waste inclusion.



The following map details the area where letters were sent directly to landowners.

Letter drop map.png

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