Moorabool Planning Scheme Amendment C76 Moorabool Agribusiness Industrial Area

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Moorabool Planning Scheme Amendment C76 Moorabool Agribusiness Industrial Area

Moorabool Agribusiness Industrial Area Map

Consultation closes: 

5pm on 13 January 2017

Council has prepared an Amendment C76 to the Moorabool Planning Scheme in relation to Moorabool Agribusiness Industrial Area

The amendment rezones 190 hectares of land at 3922 Geelong-Bacchus Marsh Road, Parwan, from Farming Zone to Industrial 1 Zone.  The amendment is required to facilitate the development of the Moorabool Agribusiness Industrial Area.  The amendment also rezones 116 hectares of land described as PC362391Y from Industrial 1 Zone to Farming Zone, as this land is unsuitable for industrial development due to drainage constraints.  A revised Schedule 1 to the Development Plan Overlay (DPO1) will guide the future industrial use and development on part of 3922 Geelong-Bacchus Marsh Road, Parwan, described as Lots 1 and 2 TP188461.  The revised DPO1 includes the concept plan above for the Moorabool Agribusiness Industrial Area:

The amendment updates the Municipal Strategic Statement to include strategic directions in Clauses 21.01-2, 21.04-4 and 21.07-3 (including the Bacchus Marsh Framework Plan) to provide an appropriate strategic context to facilitate the Moorabool Agribusiness Industrial Area. 

Full copies of the Amendment documentation can be viewed at Council Offices during office hours.

The Amendment documentation and supporting documents can also be viewed on the Department of Environment Land Water and Planning website  

Any person who may be affected by the amendment may make a submission to the planning authority.  Submissions about the amendment must be received by 5pm on 13 January 2017.

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