Draft Moorabool Community Local Law 2018 (Local Law Review)

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Draft Moorabool Community Local Law 2018 (Local Law Review)

Have your say on the Moorabool Shire Draft Moorabool Community Local Law 2018


Update 18/07/2018

Technical issues with online submissions have now been fixed and online applications can be submitted as usual.  Thanks for your patience.


Update 02/07/2018

We are currently experiencing issues with our online submission portal.  In the meantime you can still submit your feedback via Council's postal address or info@moorabool.vic.gov.au.



Local laws play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and amenity of our shire.  A new local law has been drafted to ensure that we are dealing with today’s issues and being mindful of what may occur in the future.

The local law looks at many issues, from how many animals can be kept on a property, to where you can camp and what items can be placed on footpaths.

The draft local law has a number of differences to the existing local law and the main changes have been highlighted in the draft Community impact statement.


The main changes centre around.

  • Those who provide shopping trolleys are required to take actions to reduce the likelihood of them being taken away and dumped or left on the streets
  • Owners and occupiers of land to have responsibility for maintaining the nature strip in-front of their property
  • Conditions to be met for the placement of shipping containers
  • Riding of vehicles on private land
  • Reducing Councils requirements with regard to commercial and industrial noise
  • Requirements regarding camping on private land.


If you would like to provide your feedback, the consultation period is open for 45 days commencing on 21 June 2018 and closing Sunday 5th August.  Feedback can be provided through the link below, in writing to council's main office address or by email to info@moorabool.vic.gov.au.



MSC Draft Local Law 2018 -  15 May 2018

MSC Community Impact Statement


If you would like any further information prior to submitting your comments, please do not hesitate to contact Council directly on 03 53667100.

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