Draft Library Policies

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Draft Library Policies


Have your say about the Draft Library Policies! 


Council is seeking your feedback on the following Draft Revised Library Policies:

The main purpose of these new and revised policies is to simplify the language and streamline processes. They aim to clarify Council’s expectations for the community regarding:

  • use of, and behaviour in, the library
  • membership requirements
  • supervision and safety of young children in the library
  • appropriate behaviour whilst in the library in order to maintain a safe, respectful environment
  • patron safety when using the library’s internet facilities.

In addition, the new policies will provide council staff working in the libraries with clear guidelines and support:

  • when dealing with difficult situations
  • to assist them in explaining procedures and policies to patrons who might question them.

Have your say now on the DRAFT Library Policies.

Consultation closes COB on 24 April

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