Draft Egans Reserve Master Plan

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Draft Egans Reserve Master Plan

'Have Your Say' on the Draft Egans Reserve Master Plan


The preparation of the draft Egans Reserve Master Plan (draft plan) has been developed by the Greendale Reserves Committee of Management (the Committee) and submitted to Council for consideration.


The draft plan aims to provide a strategic basis to guide future planning and development of the public park over the next five (5) years. The priorities outlined within the master plan have been identified to ensure that the reserve continues to meet the needs of the Greendale community in the future and follows initial community consultation conducted by the Committee to assist in developing the document.


You can currently provide your feedback on the draft Egans Reserve Master Plan, by reading the draft document and then clicking on the below link.  Opportunity to provide feedback closes 5pm Wednesday 13th February.


Draft Egans Reserve Master Plan (pdf document)

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