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Carers are integral to ensuring the quality of life and independence of frail, older people.

In recognition of the vital role that carers play in supporting frail, older people to remain living at home and in the community, the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) will support the care relationship through contributing funding towards a range of planned respite services delivered to frail, older people.

An integrated plan for Carers Support Services is being developed to reflect the Australian Government's priorities for carers, and outlines actions to recognise, support and sustain the vital work of unpaid carers. The Plan includes the Carer Gateway and can be located on the Department of Social Services website.




Carer's Recognition

The Carers Recognition Act 2012 sets out principles that recognise and support people in care relationships and includes obligations for State Government, Councils, and organisations that support people in care relationships. Moorabool Shire Council meets its obligations

by ensuring:

• Carers and families are treated with respect and dignity;

• Carers and families receive a timely response;

• Carers and families feel empowered and

we strengthen our relationships with carers over time;

• Approach is individualised, flexible and

culturally sensitive;

• Carers and families are well informed of

their role and rights;

• Most important is their right to be involved.


Moorabool Shire Council adheres to these policies by:

• Distributing information about the Act and

the Charter to carers, and making copies

of the Charter available to people.

• Including information about the Act and

Charter in existing information kits.

• Putting the Act and Charter poster on

notice boards and information in reception


• Using networks such as organisational or

carer support groups and programs, to

promote the Act and Charter.

• Including the Act and Charter, or making

presentations on them, at forums and

other events such as local community


• Putting information about the Act

and Charter in media promotions or

community awareness strategies such as

Carers Week, National Child Protection

Week, International Day of People with

Disability, Mental Health Week, World

Alzheimer’s Day, Dementia Awareness

Week, and Seniors Week.

• Reviewing principles, values, ethics,

and policies, and consider how they can

be aligned with the Act and Charter, for

example check that our human resource

policies support carers to balance work

and their role of carer, by including carers

leave and flexible working conditions, and

scheduling regular meetings at a time a

carer can attend.

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