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Population Profile

The population of Moorabool Shire is approximately 31,496, and forecast to reach 32,311 in 2016. By 2041 the population of Moorabool Shire is forecast to grow to 53,270.

Economic Insights

Moorabool Shire’s Gross Regional Product is approximately $0.82 billion (2015).

The Shire is home to 2486 businesses with 8,610 jobs.  

Substantial changes have occurred in the employment base of Moorabool Shire between 2006 and 2011.

The most significant shifts in employment by industry sector included less reliance on employment in manufacturing, agriculture, forestry, fishing and mining, a higher proportion of jobs in retail trade and in construction.

An analysis of the jobs held by the resident population in Moorabool Shire in 2011 shows the three most popular industry sectors were:

  • Construction (1,639 persons or 12.3%)
  • Health Care and Social Assistance (1,397 persons or 10.5%)
  • Retail Trade (1307 persons or 9.8%)

In combination these three industries employed 4,397 people in total or 32.6% of the employed resident population.

Between 2006 and 2011 the number of employed people in Moorabool Shire increased by 1,585. Industries with the greatest increases in employment are:

  • Construction (+396 persons)
  • Health Care & Social Assistance (+251 persons)
  • Public Administration and Safety (+177 persons)
  • Accommodation and Food Services (+166 persons)

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