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Parwan Employment Precinct

Target 1200 New Jobs

An additional 20,550 residents are expected to be living in the Shire by 2041.

Creating new jobs and business opportunities to meet the needs of our current and future population is a key priority.

The Opportunity

New jobs by developing an integrated business-based employment precinct at Parwan.

Time line


The Location

Parwan, on theoutskirts of Bacchus Marsh and the doorstep of Melbourne and Geelong, is home to green field industrial zoned land and a cluster of existing agricultural enterprises (poultry, mushrooms, irrigated cropping, equine and cattle quarantine).

Parwan is also home to enterprises and services in the fields of logistics, aviation, water treatment, morot racing, mining, compost and landfill.

The Studies

 Council commissioned studies to identify high value job creation opportunities in Moorabool: 

The Economic Development Strategy (PDF, 798.74 KB) and Moorabool Industrial Areas Strategy (PDF, 8.85MB)

Parwan Competitive Advantages

The site specific-study, Agribusiness Analysis: Proposed Parwan Employment Precinct (PDF, 23.36 MB), identified Parwan's competitive advantages:

  • Centralised agricultural supply chain.
  • Located close to outer Western Metropolitan Melbourne - the fastest growing region in Australia.
  • Quick access to three national road transport routes (Western, Calder and Princes Highways) – all within 15km and toll free. Hume Freeway is within 50km.
  • A choice of international sea and air port options.
  • Commuter and freight rail access via Bacchus Marsh.
  • The proposed Outer Metro Ring Road route is 10km east
  • Aerodrome on site
  • Limited impact on sensitive uses due to extent of available land and generous buffer areas.

Likely Investment Options

  • Hydroponic glasshouse  - fruit, vegetable, flower
  • meat processing - Red and white
  • Bulk distribution
  • Feedlot/sale yards and
  • Mushroom production, processing.

The Catalyst

Infrastructure extension and/or upgrades in Parwan to optimise the preconditions for investment and employment.

A one-off investment in infrastructure improvements for Parwan are critical to realise ongoing employment for up to 1200 people.

Existing utilities and road infrastructure requires urgent upgrading and in some cases extending the short distance to Parwan. Town Planning provisions are also required to facilitate and protect investment in Parwan.

The Infrastructure Investment Required

  • Improvement/Upgrade of road linkages.
  • Provision of reticulated natural gas.
  • Provision of Class A recycled water supply.
  • High Speed broadband installation.
  • Extension of three phase power supply.

Project Cost - Stage One

Details Cost
Water    $ 5.81 million
Sewer     $ 2.52 million
Gas (pipeline) $ 4.50 million
Gas (city gate)   $1 million
Total (Stage One) $13.83 million

Stage Two

Road upgrades -  TBC

Three phase power - TBC

The Funding Mix

A combination of $500,000 in developer contributions and Local, State and Federal governments.

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