Growing our economy

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Parwan Employment Precinct 

The Parwan Employment Precinct is a proposed agribusiness hub located in Parwan, south of Bacchus Marsh. The anticipated economic value to the Central Highlands region from the precinct is estimated at $186M. In order to deliver the investment vision for Parwan Employment Precinct, the following utilities must be delivered:

  • Gas
  • Water
  • Sewer


Central Highlands Water $5.81M

Gas $4.2M

Council $2M

Sewer $2.52M

Key reasons for this project:

  • The Parwan Employment Precinct will capitalise on Bacchus Marsh’s existing agribusinesses to provide the potential for Victoria’s foremost agribusiness hub.
  • The Precinct will create job opportunities for Moorabool residents that previously did not exist.
  • Planning for the Parwan Employment Precinct is already underway.


  • Currently 60% of working residents travel outside of Moorabool Shire for employment.
  • Attract investment and see the creation of 1500 jobs.
  • Moorabool Shire experiences double the rate of youth unemployment compared to the State average.
  • $20m is lost from Moorabool annually from residents who commute to Melbourne.


Sewer Provisions

The towns of Bungaree and Wallace are located between Melbourne and Ballarat along the Western Freeway and are expected to grow as both Melbourne and Ballarat do. The towns are located within portable water supply catchments and require a connection to reticulated sewer to be able to continue developing.

Kryal Castle is a unique tourism attraction, with its continued growth and expansion reliant on the connection to a reticulated sewer.




Central Highlands Water $2.3M

Council $1.0M

State Government $2.5M

Other $0.7M

Key reasons for this project:

  • For growth to happen in Wallace and Bungaree there must be a sewage system.
  • There is already a residential housing demand in Wallace and Bungaree, with the Small Towns and Settlements Strategy putting this demand in the range of 15‐25 homes per year.
  • A sewage system is vital in the economic and social growth of both towns, including the optimisation of existing schools and sporting facilities.


  • Increased housing and lifestyle opportunities.
  • Address the issue of stagnant rural towns, therefore creating an improved outlook.
  • Allow for potential future investment in existing facilities, and development of new facilities due to population growth and population thresholds being met.
  • Both towns have the potential to be developed into more vibrant towns that can accommodate future residential growth along the Melbourne‐Ballarat corridor.

Growing our economy 

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