Age Well Live Well Strategy

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Age Well Live Well Strategy

About our plan

Our plan provides the framework for the services, programs, and infrastructure required to meet the needs of our community.


There are 8 areas of focus:

  1. Create a municipality where all residents feel respected, included, and valued
  2. Improve access to information that promotes healthy active ageing, access, and inclusion
  3. Provide access to support services and programs that enable healthy active ageing, access, and inclusion
  4. Focus on housing to support community wellbeing 
  5. The role of transport plays to help wellbeing and independent living
  6. Resources that support wellbeing with a focus on civic participation and employment
  7. Help people of all backgrounds and abilities to fully participate in community life
  8. Ensure that built and natural environments are accessible and support healthy active ageing


Always reviewing and improving

We create detailed actions, responsibilities, and timelines that help us measure and improve.

We are currently reviewing our Age Well Live Well Strategy and the Disability Access and Inclusion Plan. This review will ensure that plans are up-to-date and meet current needs.

They will be available in 2021.



Last Updated:

Tuesday, 10 November, 2020 - 14:02