Open space strategy

Have your say on the future of our parks, playgrounds and open spaces in Moorabool Shire! 


Our Open Space Strategy provides the vision and framework for how we plan, develop, and manage open space across the Shire.

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Community consultation and hearing your ideas are integral to shaping the strategy.

Let us know

  • Which public open spaces do you use most and why?
  • Which suburbs need more or different types of open spaces?
  • What improvements do you think are a priority for local parks and reserves? 
  • In new residential areas, what types of open space would benefit the majority of our community? 

We are interviewing a range of community organisations for this project.

This strategy will help us create: 

  • A consistent open space planning policy and decision-making framework
  • Standards for provision and access to open space
  • Identifying gaps in the provision of open space
  • A Council policy position on specific issues

Project timeline 

  • Background and existing conditions assessments (underway)
  • Engagement with community organisation (underway)
  • Draft Strategy due to for consultation April-May 2021


Rogers Reserve Darley Peppertree Park Spargo Creek Mineral Spring Korweingeboura