Registering a temporary or mobile food business

If you operate a temporary or mobile food business, whether it is a market stall, a food van, or a vending machine your business is required to be registered through Streatrader. If you are preparing or storing any food for your temporary or mobile food business at home, you must also register your home with Council.

Streatrader is a website where you can:

  • Apply to register or notify Council.
  • Advise any Victorian council when you are trading in their municipality.
  • Manage your business’s details and activities.

Please be advised that lodging a statement of trade on Streatrader does not grant permission to operate at that location, as additional permits are required from Local Laws for operating on Council land. If you are operating on private property, a Planning permit may be required.

Be advised Moorabool Shire Council is currently looking at a mobile food traders policy and procedure for operating on Council land. The rules may be different in other council areas. Contact their Local Laws team or visit their website for more information.