Making a complaint about a food business

Food complaints

Following the correct procedures is vital when you are preparing or selling food. All food businesses and mobile stalls in Victoria must comply with the Food Act 1984.

Our Environmental Health Team inspect all food businesses registered within the Shire to ensure that they are complying with the Food Act. They also provide advice to businesses owners and respond to complaints from the public.  

You can contact Council to make a complaint if you believe that you have:

  • Purchased food that is not safe to eat;
  • Become ill from eating food that you have purchased from a food business;
  • Seen unsafe food handling practices.
Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is caused by eating contaminated food and affects a large number of Australians every year. Food can be contaminated when it is handled, stored or prepared incorrectly. Some foods carry a higher risk of causing food poisoning and some people are more at risk of getting food poisoning than others.

Some food poisoning myths include:

  • The last meal you ate is the cause of your food poisoning.
  • The food that tasted 'off' gave you food poisoning.
  • Only restaurant food can give you food poisoning.
  • Your nose can smell when food is off.

It can take up to 72 hours for your first symptoms of food poisoning to develop. When investigating a food poisoning complaint, Council will require the following for the investigation:

  • A 3 day food history, detailing everything you ate and drank 3 days prior to becoming ill. A 3 day food history may also be required for the people you ate with.
  • A stool sample.
  • A food sample, if you have leftovers of the food in question.