MAPP Up in Lights - International Women's Day Exhibit


(image credit Times News Group)

Friday 8 March is International Women’s Day (IWD) and you can see the artistic celebration right here!

Both MAPP Galleries in Ballan and Bacchus Marsh are currently exhibiting works from 10 local artists that have each contributed works to celebrate women.  This exhibit depicts works by local artists and their interpretations of this year’s IWD theme  Inspire Inclusion celebrating women from history, sport, religion and everyday life.

Contributing artists have used materials that range from traditional oil paintings and drawings to ceramics and more modern works such as laser cut outs depicting women of all abilities, colour and age.

Min Chiang  I express the unique qualities and strengths of women through my artwork. Through vibrant colours, graceful lines, and evocative imagery, I aim to capture the essence of femininity in all its complexity These artworks celebrates the multifaceted nature of womanhood and honours the spirit of International Women's Day. The artworks promote a message of empowerment, resilience, and inclusivity, inspiring viewers to appreciate and celebrate the contributions of women in society.

Jane Gardiner My work acknowledges the beauty of the life cycle. Seeds, germination, growth and beauty. All of these things relate to the immense power of women to nurture and produce LIFE!

Kevin Healey The aim of the work is to bring back to memory the persona and works of Germaine and thus re-appreciation of her contributions towards gender equality, stimulate interest in exploring and discussing the messages and arguments that she promulgated.

Elizabeth Hooker A visual celebration of women's inclusion and participation in sport - specifically AFL Football. Traditionally football has been an opportunity only available for men to participate in - this previous exclusion was based in deep rooted gender bias at a societal level. With the recent creation of many professional women's sporting competitions that previously have not existed, the value and ability of women in this domain has been recognised and celebrated.

Joanne Linsdell  My works relate to the 2024 theme of International Women’s Day, “Inspire Inclusion,” through their recognisable form and the added surfaces. The objects are hammers that have been cast as symbols of industry and have traditionally been associated with the work of men. I have aimed to subvert this by exploring surface decorations that playfully question traditions and purpose. and @joannelinsdell.

Myrawin Nelson The work is an invitation to enter a space. The room pictured contains a music stand with music and an empty chair in front of a window. It questions who has been in the room before. The period of the house is such that I think of a singer such as Dame Nelly Melba. It reminds me that many female musicians and artists are only just having their work discovered now, long after they and their popular male contemporaries have died.

Mel Sheeley Words have Value. Words can be morale boosting and encouraging, as well as hurtful and crushing.  The tone with which they are delivered can resonate in our thoughts for a long time. In their lifetime women will dwell on words they hear.  In this piece I have captured some of the influencing words that we need to be aware of.

Heidi Taylor The Icon Mary is the most famous woman in the world and means a lot to many people. She represents the Mother as well as a source of peace for many. Two very important themes for women.

Amelia Travers My exhibit is a three-dimensional piece from a combination of lasercut wood and acrylic that highlights Moorabool Shire in the centre and has silhouettes of women with etching, highlighting diversities and passions hanging to the front and back, somewhat like a child’s mobile that would hang from the roof. The diversity of the silhouettes of the woman is linking back to the concept of "inspire inclusion" with all people from all backgrounds and abilities being important and valued in the community.

Susan Watson Lynn Smith has inspired so many women to have a go at footy, with no judgement of others and always advocating inclusiveness. Lynn is a pioneer of women's footy who stood up when "The men were taking it as a joke, not taking it seriously." I have been inspired by other women to take these self portraits. Portrait One ‘Immersed’ - This image reflects my own connection with the Werribee River. It is a place to ponder, dream, connect with. Water breaks through the mind to bring me calmness. Portrait Two ‘All We see’ - Our eyes can see but our mind is suppressed. We cannot say what we feel. We have to keep our opinions to ourselves. They do not like their ways to be questioned. We will stand together as women and make others see what we see.