Roadside slashing

Published on 04 January 2022


Due to this years’ wet weather and storm activity, exacerbated by the recently declared La Nina weather phenomenon, Moorabool Shire Council’s roadside slashing program commenced later than usual - in late November. The program is due to be completed by end of January with slashing of sealed roads covering two zones:

•             Eastern Zone – Communities east of the Geelong/Ballan and Ballan/Daylesford Roads.

•             Western Zone – Communities west of the Geelong/Ballan and Ballan/ Daylesford Roads.

In addition to the sealed road slashing program, Council slashes strategic fire break areas in consultation with local CFA brigades. Council does not slash unsealed roads unless vegetation growth encroaches upon safe line of sight distances at intersections.

If you have questions or concerns relating to Council`s roadside slashing program, please contact customer service on 5366 7100.


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