Green and unseen: Transmission Lines Belong Underground

Published on 19 August 2020

Emmas farm Transmission lines

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Moorabool Shire Council has launched a campaign pressuring energy company AusNet Services to put the 500kV transmission lines that form the Western Victoria Transmission Network Project underground.

The Green and Unseen campaign details the proposal by AusNet Services to build high voltage 85m high transmission lines straight though the hills and landscapes of Moorabool Shire, to connect power from wind farms in the west to Melbourne.

“The scale of this project is enormous, and the transmission lines will span the entire length of our Shire,” Mayor Cr David Edwards said.
“We’re proud to produce renewable energy though our wind farms to power more than 300,000 homes but putting the powerlines overhead is not green and is actually dangerous to Moorabool residents– hence our Green and Unseen campaign.

“There is extreme fire risk to many areas along the proposed transmission lines route. If a fire was to break out, the transmission lines could inhibit fire fighting efforts. And if a tower was to fall, people in our towns could be trapped.”

“The only sustainable, long-term solution – one that Council and our community are advocating for - is to put these powerlines underground.”

“Truly green would mean unseen.”

Council has recently made a submission to Federal Environment Minister Sussan Ley responding to the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation’s Act referral for the overhead powerlines.

“We noted in the submission that we don’t object to the importance of the significant renewable energy infrastructure project, but a balance must be sought between providing the energy to Melbourne, and impacting on Moorabool’s community and natural assets, as well as the fire risk and farming implications.

“As well as appealing to politicians, we want to appeal to Melbourne people to support us in our Green and Unseen campaign. If you care about our primary producers and our environment, please support our campaign to underground these powerlines,” Cr Edwards said.

The Green and Unseen campaign video can be viewed below.