Free firewood for vulnerable residents concludes

Published on 17 March 2022

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On Saturday 26 February, we delivered approximately 30 cubic metres of free firewood to vulnerable residents across the Shire.

A silver lining following the recent major weather events, storm debris was processed into firewood to service 19 vulnerable households.

These vulnerable residents were identified by the Storm Recovery Team in late 2021 and were delighted to receive their free firewood recently.

This firewood was allocated specifically for residents in need, as opposed to the firewood that was offered to the general public via a “first come first served” booking system last year.

“I just wanted to say thank you very much for the wood and also how lovely the driver and two beautiful families that came and stacked were.” – Ballan resident.

Another Ballan resident, Graham Noon, said he and his wife were grateful for the Council initiative – “it’s just terrific!”. The Noon’s are in a vulnerable age bracket and had to receive assistance from their neighbour to clear a large tree that blocked their driveway during the October storm event.

Volunteers from the 1st Ballan Scouts Group assisted in stacking the firewood at each property. Scouts, Cubs and Joeys as young as six and seven helped to move the firewood deliveries into resident’s woodsheds.

“We weren’t expecting the Scouts at all! My neighbour next door said – the Scouts are coming tomorrow to move the wood! I was really pleasantly surprised,” said Graham.

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