Free Mulch for Moorabool Shire residents

Published on 13 October 2021

Ballan Mulch.PNG

Please note: bookings are currently closed. 

To aid the clean-up of debris from the June 2021 storm event, Council is offering residents free mulch to collect from the Ballan Transfer Station.  

Bookings are available in 10 minute increments, from 1.30pm until 4.30pm on allocated collection days.


Ballan Transfer Station

Monteville Lane, Ballan


Book online here:

Other important information

  • Residents can book a 10 minute time slot to collect a maximum of 2 cubic metres of mulch per day. 
  • Upon arrival, the resident will be required to provide the Transfer Station Operator with photo ID and proof of address (e.g. drivers licence). 
  • A machine will load the customers trailer/ute with mulch, the customer must not leave the vehicle to ensure safety is maintained.
  • You must secure your load before driving home
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