Council's Tree Planting Initiative Growing

Published on 18 May 2022

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One of the things that makes Moorabool so appealing as a place to live and work are the beautiful, plentiful trees.

Each year, Council commits $100k to plant, manage and maintain over 18,000 trees across Moorabool’s rural and urban landscapes. With Council’s ongoing planting initiatives, together with wonderful community support, the number and variety of trees in Moorabool Shire continues to increase.

This year (starting in June), Council’s tree planting initiative is focussing on Brady’s Lane Greendale, Jonathan Drive Darley, the replacement of vandalised trees in Bungaree, and the continuation of the nature strip tree replacement program.

Council’s Parks & Gardens team place high importance on choosing the right species of tree for each location and carefully considers environmental conditions, including climate, soil conditions and the look, feel and health of the trees.

Mayor Cr Tom Sullivan says how lucky we are in Moorabool to be surrounded by nature, including such a bounty of fantastic trees.

“Our trees are one of Moorabool’s greatest assets,” Cr Sullivan said.

“They are loved by everyone in all their different sizes, colours, shapes and varieties. We are grateful to Council for their commitment to planting more trees each year and for caring for our existing trees. The trees bring joy to us all.”


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