Council secures funding for two high risk fire areas

Published on 21 July 2022

Static water supply at Callaghans Lane and Tooheys Close.jpg

Moorabool Shire Council has successfully secured funding on behalf of Ballan Fire Brigade and Gordon Fire Brigade via the State Government’s Fire Access Road Subsidy Scheme (FARSS), for a new Fire Access Track in Ingliston and a Static Water Supply in Gordon.

The strategic water supply will provide 2 x 26,000 litres of potentially life-saving water for firefighting, with two water tanks recently installed at the cross-section of Callaghans Lane and Tooheys Close in Gordon.

North Gordon is identified as high risk in the Victorian Fire Risk Register, and previous response times for firefighting were slowed due to no reticulated water in the area.

“The benefit of the static water supply in Callaghans Lane is highlighted by a recent shed fire in the area prior to the installation of the tanks when it took tankers more than 30 minutes to travel to the then nearest known water to fill up and return,” said Ballan Group of Fire Brigades Group Officer, Shane Cramer.

Emergency vehicle access to the Werribee Gorge, Falcons Lookout and surrounding areas will be greatly improved with a new Fire Access Track constructed in Ingliston.

Falcons Track, previously an unofficial access track that in sections required a 4WD due to its rough terrain, has now been transformed into a properly designated Fire Access Track for all aspects of firefighting, rescue and other emergencies.

“Having access to Falcons Lookout that is less hazardous to vehicles will reduce response times into the area for emergency services that are often called to deal with trapped and injured hikers, as well as providing quicker access in event of fires in that part of the Gorge and surrounds,” said Mr Cramer.

The track can now be used to access State Parks, grassed and farming areas and the western side of Werribee Gorge.

“Moorabool communities in two high risk fire areas will now be better protected ahead of next fire season,” said Moorabool Mayor, Cr Tom Sullivan.

"The Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee were instrumental in securing this funding and will continue to work on improving and upgrading fire safety in Moorabool,” added Cr Sullivan.

“The Ballan Group of Fire Brigades is very appreciative of the work the Council has done in both these projects, which are front and centre of what FARSS is all about, improving access for emergency services and ensuring that we have water near where we are likely to need it,” said Mr Cramer.

Moorabool Shire Council secured $9,260 for Gordon’s strategic water supply through a grant application to the Victorian Government’s FARSS, with Council contributing the remaining $4,800 to the total $14,430 project.  

The new $15,535 Fire Access Track saw a contribution of $13,593 from State Government and $1,942 from Council.

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