Cat curfew begins 1 July

Published on 01 June 2021

Image of cat indoors

Moorabool residents are reminded a cat curfew begins 1 July 2021.

Cats must be confined to their owner’s property from sunset to sunrise.

Council passed a motion at an Ordinary Meeting in December last year to introduce a cat curfew. This decision was made after comprehensive surveys were undertaken in 2019 and 2020 via Council’s ‘Have Your Say’ website.

Most respondents were in favour of a cat curfew.

Mayor Cr Tom Sullivan said Council and the community shared the view that a curfew protected both cats and wildlife in the Shire.

“Keeping your cat inside will help your cat’s health and safety – resulting in less cat fights, less accidents with cars, picking up diseases or getting lost,” Cr Sullivan said.

“It will also protect wildlife as cats instinctively hunt and kill wildlife even if they’re not hungry.”

“We believe the curfew will result in better neighbourhood relations – less howling which should result in less dogs barking and less defecating in gardens.”


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