Bungaree and Wallace Community Update

Published on 18 October 2021

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Bungaree and Wallace Community Update 

The Small Towns and Settlements Strategy which was adopted by Council in 2016 identified growth potential in Bungaree and Wallace, building on the existing community facilities and township infrastructure. However, any future growth is dependent on the connection to reticulated water and sewer.  

Council has since committed to investigating the potential for further residential growth in Bungaree and Wallace through the preparation of structure plans within the current Council Plan term.  Funding has been allocated in the 2021/22 Budget cycle and Council intends to commence the preparation of these plans in the first quarter of 2022. 

These Structure Plans are required to determine the appropriate location of growth, and it will furthermore set out a suitable size and layout of the towns and will also help strategically support the delivery of reticulated water and sewer. 

The provision of sewer and water infrastructure is a key consideration for any future growth and development and Council is in ongoing conversations with Central Highlands Water and we are working closely together. 

Council is committed to engaging with landowners and key stakeholders as part of the preparation of the structure plans and will develop a comprehensive community engagement plan.  

An overview of the process is provided below for your information. It’s important to note that this is a medium to long-term project, as there are a lot of steps to complete in the process.

The preparation of the structure plans is the first step in a lengthy process which will include extensive community and stakeholder consultation. The main steps are outlined below: 

  • Structure plans prepared
  • Planning Scheme Amendment to include the structure plans into the Moorabool Planning Scheme
  • Landowners propose rezoning of land within the identified structure plan areas
  • Council undertakes a Planning Scheme Amendment to rezone the land
  • Construction of sewer infrastructure commences
  • Subdivision permit applications received by Council


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