AusNet releases preferred corridor option for transmission line

Published on 30 June 2021

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Media Release - 30 June 2021

AusNet releases preferred corridor option for transmission line

AusNet Services today confirmed that its preferred corridor for the Western Victoria Transmission Network Project (WVTNP) is a route north of the Western Highway.

Moorabool Shire Council is disappointed that AusNet Services released the preferred corridor option for the WVTNP to several media outlets prior to notifying affected landowners.

“This is not the appropriate way to inform landowners or the broader community of this important decision.  This news will have an emotional toll on those impacted and they deserved the respect to be told first,” Cr Sullivan said. 

The preferred corridor will run from Melton, through Darley, Myrniong and into the region’s potato growing country; essentially impacting the same landowners who were the first to receive letters for site investigations in early 2020. 

AusNet will now conduct further assessments and narrow the corridor to a final preferred route. The location of the proposed substation is still unknown.

Cr Sullivan reiterated Council’s preference for the WVTNP to be undergrounded.

“Despite public outcry, AusNet have failed to provide substantial comment on investigating a HVDC underground option, which was deemed a viable and low-impact alternative in an independent report commissioned recently by Council,” he said.

The report can be found here:


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