“We never used to get sunlight in winter”

Published on 28 September 2021

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“We never used to get sunlight in winter”: Korweinguboora local Andrew Phillips sees the bright side of losing the trees surrounding his property

It took Andrew Phillips and his partner eight hours to cut their way out from the front door of their Korweinguboora property to where their driveway meets Back Settlement Road on Thursday 10 June.

From midnight, they’d been awoken to the thud of “a tree down every ten minutes,” Andrew said.

“We still don’t sleep when it’s windy.”

Andrew and his partner Paul bought their little piece of bush sanctuary four years ago, and the property is surrounded by the Wombat State Forest on all sides.

“We were so bushfire conscious that we really didn’t think of storms,” Andrew said.

It’s a familiar story for those who, like Andrew, lived through the severe weather event that he likens to “a tornado”.

Over 20 trees came down on the couple’s property, many of which they’ve since been able to clear with the help of Moorabool Shire Council and BRV’s Residential Clean Up Program.

“A couple of days later when the roads cleared, council came out to give general information and do a welfare check on people,” Andrew said.

“Contractors came out, BRV came out. No one needed to help us but they all did and we’re just really grateful.”

The Korweinguboora community banded together during the days following noted Andrew, with some neighbours coming to check that everyone was safe, and others lending farm equipment and chainsaws.

“We’re just really lucky. There were so many trees that could’ve crushed our property, the studio roof was clipped a couple of times,” Andrew said.

The next big priority for Andrew and Paul is clearing the fire track that runs along the back of their property in time for fire season.

And the bright side? The house that was previously in darkness over winter due to the dense surrounding trees is now seeing sunlight.

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