Bee Hotel Workshop - Ballan

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We’re hosting two workshops on how to make native solitary bee hotels!

So what exactly is a bee hotel?

There are over 1600 species of bee in Australia, and most of them are solitary. That means they don’t live in hives but lay their eggs in small gaps in trees, reeds, and the ground.

These bee hotels are made out of repurposed plastic bottles and debris from plants, giving native solitary bees a safe place to live. This is especially important as Moorabool’s natural environment continues to recover from last year’s major storms.  

Native bees are extremely important to our ecosystem - they pollinate native plants, many of which can't be pollinated by introduced bees.

We’re holding two workshops in May so you can learn how to construct these bee hotels! All ages are welcome to participate in this family-friendly event.

Workshop One:

Trentham Neighbourhood Centre
Saturday 14 May
1pm until 3pm


Workshop Two:

Ballan Neighbourhood Centre

Sunday 15 May

1pm until 3pm


Participants will be able to take bee hotels home with them, and the remainder will be donated to a Habitat Recovery Program. 



  • Sunday, 15 May 2022 | 01:00 PM - 03:00 PM


Ballan Neighbourhood Centre