Storm Recovery FAQs

How do I register with Bushfire Recovery Victoria?

You can check your edibility and register with BRV at Bushfire Recovery Victoria's website. Registration closes on the 31 October 2021, and we strongly recommend that all residents read the eligibility criteria and register if they believe they may be eligible for assistance. Registrations close on Sunday 31 October at 11.59pm

Which walking tracks have been reopened/when will all tracks be open?

Over 150km of walking and hiking trails were impacted by the June storm event. DELWP and Parks Victoria crews have been working hard to assess and clear these sites.

View DELWP update:   
View all walks in the Moorabool Shire here:

Can community groups volunteer to help clear walking tracks?

There are no specific volunteer programs for this. You can find more information on volunteering here:

How are we preparing for fire season?

The most current and accurate information regarding fire preparedness is provided on  Council, DELWP and the CFA websites. 

How is Council's roadside clean-up going? What about trees that have become a roadside risk since the initial assessment?

The clean-up of Municipal roadside debris is now at 93.51%. Our crew are also grading the roads where clean-up occurred, and this should be complete within the next few weeks.  A second round of tree inspections has commenced to re-visit roads impacted by the storm and identify trees that may not have fallen in the initial storm – but that are now at risk of failure or impacting on the essential road asset. Arborist Reports are being prepared and necessary works are being undertaken to remove the roadside risk. 

If you would like to report a tree that has since come down on Council roads, call 5366 7100.  

Who is responsible for clearing paper roads?

Council has an unused roads policy that determines when we will undertake any works on paper roads that revolves around risk. There is no plan to undertake clean-up of unused roads as there’s no funding to undertake these works. 

For more information on the management of roads:

Is there support available If I'm struggling to pay rates?

If you would like to enter into a payment arrangement, you can establish this by talking with one of the Revenue Services Team on 03 5366 7100 or by completing an online arrangement at  A payment arrangement would entail regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments at an amount manageable within your existing financial circumstances.  Alternatively, if you are experiencing longer term financial challenges, Council have a formal Financial Hardship process which encourages payment arrangements and also facilitates deferrals where there is no capacity for an arrangement.

Are there opportunities for local tradespeople?

Council is collecting a list of local wood contractors who would like their details to be supplied to storm impacted residents in the Shire. Contractors and residents can then organise works and costs between themselves. Other lists are being prepared to assist the storm affected community and they include: fencing contractors, arborists and tree clearing contractors. These will be published on Council’s website when completed. If you would like your details added please call the Council Storm Recovery Number during business hours on 5366 1323.

Is there a back-up plan for power/water/phone services in case this happens again?

Moorabool Shire were successful in obtaining funding to improve telecommunications under the Federal Government’s Strengthening Telecommunications Against Natural Disasters (STAND) Program.  

Funding will be used to provide wifi internet via NBN to the following:

  • Coimadai CFA Shed
  • Dunnstown Recreation Reserve
  • Elaine Mechanics Hall
  • Gordon Public Hall
  • Korweinguboora Recreation Reserve
  • Mount Egerton Hall
  • Mt Wallace Public Hall
  • Navigators Hall

There is an application that has been submitted by Telstra for the Blackwood area that is still to be determined. We will let you know of the outcome.

For further enquires contact:


If there is a tree impacting a powerline near you – here is some information from Powercor to assist and an email lodgement for concerns:


For NBN enquiries please visit:

Should I purchase an EPIRB or a PLB?

An Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRB) is primarily used for emergencies at sea. A personal locator beacon, or PLB for short, is a personal electronic transmitting device that is designed to alert potential rescuers to a life-threatening situation in the air, on water or in remote areas.

Personal locator beacons are handheld devices that send out a signal on 406 MHz, the same frequency used for newer emergency locator transmitters.  You can activate a PLB  by simply by extending the antenna and pressing the ON button—and it transmits a powerful distress signal with a unique digital code.

PLBs will cost approximately $300 - $800, depending on the model and the manufacturer.

All beacons can be registered at

Who can help if I have damaged fences after the storm?

Replacement of fences on private property can sometimes be included in your insurance so contact your insurance company in the first instance.  Council’s Storm Recovery Team has made contact with local contractors who have been included on a fencing contractor list which can be provided if you contact Council’s Storm Recovery team on 03 5366 1323.

What if trees from Crown land have fallen onto my property/fence line?

Crown land is managed by DELWP. Fence lines are the responsibility of the landowners, at this stage DELWP don’t have capacity or funding to help with fence line clearing.

Is there help available to clear trees down on my property that are not threatening a structure?

Cleaning up trees on private property and land is not included in the BRV State led clean-up program.

Please refer to BRV to see what is included in the program: . A reminder that this program closes for new registrations on Sunday 31 October. Council encourages all storm impacted property owners to apply.

What are the options for utilising large fallen trees?

VicForests is a State-owned business that harvests, sells and regrows sustainable timber from Victoria's native forests. They can advise property owners on the potential for fallen trees to be used as timber products. Contact VicForests for an assessment of the timber on your property by emailing

Concern that if too many trees are burned or removed it will impact the forests biodiversity / loss of canopy of trees & habitat for wildlife. How is this going to be managed & protected? 

For more info on how FFMVic manage prescribed burns, visit:

When will firewood and mulch distribution open?

We opened bookings for residents to collect 2 cubic metres of free mulch processed from storm debris and all bookings have now been filled. For more information, visit:

Further bookings to collect free mulch may be released by Council in the coming weeks. Keep an eye on our newsletter and Facebook page. Unseasoned split firewood is currently being processed.