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Find out how the ATO can assist if you are going through a difficult financial time following a major disaster. 

If you’ve been adversely affected by the storms and floods you may be eligible for the Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payment. This is a lump sum payment to help you following the Victorian storms and floods in June 2021.

It’s not for minor damage or inconvenience. You can choose to get this payment in 2 instalments.

If you lost income as a direct result of the storms and floods, you may also be eligible for Disaster Recovery Allowance.

Disaster Recovery Allowance (DRA) is a short term payment to help you if a declared disaster directly affects your income.

You can get it for a maximum of 13 weeks. The payment will start from the date you started losing income as a direct result of the Victorian storms and floods in June 2021.

You have until 31 May 2022 to claim either of these payments.

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 The Personal Hardship Assistance Program provides assistance to people experiencing financial hardship in meeting their relief needs because of a single house fire or a natural disaster related emergency such as bushfire, flood, severe storm or earthquake. The program includes emergency relief payments and emergency re-establishment payments.

It is generally available for up to 7 days after a disaster. In some circumstances, the Victorian or Australian governments may offer other personal hardship assistance or support. Information will be available at relief centres (if activated) or on the Victorian Government Emergency website.

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