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Sewer Provisions

Location: Bungaree and Wallace
Total project cost: $10M estimate
Costs: Council = $1M, $9M - Other (including Central Highlands Water)

These towns are located near water catchment areas and need a connection to a sewer to be able to continue developing. Kryal Castle is a unique tourism attraction for this region, with its continued growth and expansion reliant on the connection to a sewer.

About this project:

  • For both Wallace and Bungaree to continue to be developed and grow in population there must be a sewage system.
  • There is already a residential housing demand in Wallace and Bungaree of15‐25 homes per year - without a sewage system developments will be impacted.
  • A sewage system is vital in the economic and social growth of both towns.
  • Both towns have the potential to be developed into more vibrant communities, that can create residential growth along the Melbourne‐Ballarat corridor.

Join the campaign for the Bungaree and Wallace sewer system! View the advocacy toolkit here.(PDF, 4MB)


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