Road works


We have increased the number of work crews out fixing roads after Council voted to increase its road maintenance budget by up to $600,000.

The decision was made to increase the budget as constant rain and storms have resulted in deterioration of the road network.

Council will be able to claim some road repairs under the State Government’s Disaster Recovery Fund and an additional recently-announced fund – the Council Flood Support Fund, but these funds don’t cover repairs to all the issues on the large road network.

Council is providing regular updates on the road blitz via our social media accounts and print advertising. 

Flood Recovery Update

Unsealed roads and sealed roads of the entire network have been 100% inspected. Follow up inspections have been completed. Approximately 460 defects were detected due to flood damage in late 2022.

Rectification works include:

  • Formation grading
  • Removal of debris and silt from infrastructure
  • Loss of material and requiring replacement
  • Potholes – sealed pavement damage
  • Unsealed shoulder surface failure
  • Unsealed road surface damage

Council engaged civil contractors to rectify these defects across the Shire.

See next sections for details on completed and upcoming road works across the Shire.

Flood recovery works in progress

  • Ballan-Meredith Road  
  • Bences Lane, Ballan
  • Elaine-Mt Mercer Road, Elaine

Upcoming works

Crews have been engaged to complete the following flood rectification works to replace material lost due to flooding, including formation grading to improve safety and access

  • Stone Hut Lane, Ballan
  • Elaine-Egerton Road, Bungal
  • Mays Road, Coimadai
  • Holts Lane, Darley
  • Clarendon-Blue Bridge Road, Elaine
  • Horsehill Road, Elaine
  • School Lane, Maddingley
  • Glenmore Road, Glenmore
  • Nortons Road, Parwan
  • Schultz Road, Rowsley
  • Paces Lane, Rowsley
  • Dog Trap Gully Road, Rowsley

Completed flood recovery works


  • Mill Park carpark asphalting
  • Racecourse Road
  • Spencer Road
  • Nolans Lane
  • Monteville Lane
  • S Conroys Road
  • Blakeville Road
  • Aldreds Lane
  • Kerrins Lane
  • Jaicomellis Lane
  • Denholms Road
  • O'Connor Lane
  • Stone Hut Lane, Ballan


  • Leveretts Lane
  • Marshalls Lane


  • Cam Lane
  • Pine Court


  • Dehnerts Road


  • Egerton-Bungeeltrap Road
  • Egerton-Ballark Road


  • Barkstead Road
  • Blackswamp Road
  • Boundary Church Road
  • Shields Lane


  • Tramway Lane


  • Elaine-Egerton Road
  • Elaine-Blue Bridge Road
  • Le Maitres Road
  • Horsehill Road West
  • Meredith-Mt Mercer Road
  • Mt Doran Road
  • Orrells Road


  • Boundary Road
  • Butter Factory Road
  • Chapmans Road
  • Cartons Road
  • Haydens Hill Road
  • Lynhurst Street
  • McHughs Road
  • Moorabool West Road
  • Nightingale Street
  • Portland Flat Road
  • Vinecombes Lane


  • Ballan-Greendale Road Service Road
  • Lidgetts Lane
  • Napoleon Street
  • Portland Flat Road


  • Bridge Road 
  • Kellys Road
  • Woolshed Road


  • Lawsons Lane
  • Morrisons Lane

Lal Lal area

  • Harris Road
  • Coalmine Road
  • Haywood Road
  • Mills Road
  • Malones Road
  • Bronzewing Road
  • Eaglesons Road
  • Lal Lal Falls Road
  • Rotten Lane
  • Yulong Road
  • Stokes Lane


  • Spreadeagle Road
  • Yendon-Edgerton Road landslip
  • Ryans Road
  • Con Careys Road
  • Leonards Road
  • Old Melbourne Road
  • Sullivans Road


  • Dolly Creek Road
  • Lal-Lal Road
  • Forrest Road
  • Government Road

Mount Egerton

  • Egans Road
  • Reserve East Road
  • Cemetery Road
  • McIntoshs Lane
  • Sharrocks Road
  • Malones West Road
  • Little Forest Road
  • Reserve Road
  • Tanner Lane
  • Fletchers Lane
  • Walker Lane
  • Yendon-Egerton Road
  • Powerline Road


  • Pound Creek Road
  • Ted Lyons Road


  • Daiseybank Lane


  • Geordies Lane


  • Mahers Road


  • Habours Road
  • Pattons Road
  • Ryans Road
  • Triggs Road
  • Yenond No. 2 Road

Current improvement works 

Road rehabilitation projects funded through the Capital Improvement Program address deteriorating road conditions, reduce potholing, roughness and, overall improve the road network.

Ormond Road, Springbank - project complete

Reconstruction of approx.1050m over two sections, including the intersection or Ronans Road.

Yendon-Egerton Road, Yendon - project complete

Reconstruction of approx. 2600m including two intersections. From Lal Lal Creek to east of Spreadeagle Road.

Butlers Road, Navigators - project complete

Gravel road resheet of approx. 2.3kms from Yankee Flat Road heading east.

Moorabool West Road, Gordon - project complete

Gravel shoulder resheet from Old Corbetts Road to Calway Lane.

McCrae Street, Darley - project complete

Reconstruction from Griffith Street to Labilliere Street.

Steiglitz Street, Ballan - project complete

Reconstruction and asphalting full width of Steiglitz Street from Cowie to Fisken Street. Works also include footpath connectivity and draining improvements at the intersection of Fisken and Steiglitz Street.

Elaine-Mount Mercer Road, Elaine - project complete

Reconstruction of approx. 1100m of road near Bakes Road.

Faheys Road, Gordon - project complete

Gravel road resheet of full length, and sealing of the Faheys Road/Stanley Street intersection.

Fisken Street, Bacchus Marsh - project underway

Asphalt works on Fisken Street, at the intersection of Main Street.

Fitzroy / Victoria Street, Darley - project complete

Pavement rehabilitation and asphalt works.

Albert Street, Darley - project complete

Pavement reconstruction, and asphalt works between Fitzroy St and Gisborne Rd