Vehicle crossovers provide access from a public road to a private property. They extend from the road edge to the property boundary or fence. Crossovers are the landowner’s responsibility - constructed at their expense and to the Council’s standards and subject to a permit.

Any modifications to the Council’s assets as part of the installation of a new driveway are also at the landowner’s expense.

The property owner is responsible for the safe condition of the driveway and its immediate area. Where there is no underground drainage system or kerb and channel, the landowner is responsible for the entire driveway. This extends from the edge of the pavement to the property boundary and includes any culverts and end walls that may be required for roadside drainage under the driveway.

The property owner is responsible for the maintenance of the driveway, including the immediate surroundings.

A permit must be obtained for any desired or required work to meet Council standards.