2020/21 Unsealed Road Re-sheeting Program

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Why do we need to re-sheet roads? 

Over time, the crushed rock pavement breaks down due to weather and traffic. The $1.4 million investment into the Unsealed Road Re-sheeting program consists of clearing and shaping of existing roads, drainage works as well as applying new base course and wearing course on each of the roads.

The below locations throughout Moorabool Shire are scheduled for works to commence on 28 September 2020 and due for completion mid-March 2021. 

Road Name 



McCarthys Rd  Navigators  West Moorabool 
Shaws Rd Ballan  Central Moorabool 
Cartons Rd  Gordon  Woodlands 
Lyndhurst St  Gordon  Woodlands 
Spreadeagle Rd  Mount Egerton  West Moorabool 
All Nations Gully Rd  Mount Egerton  West Moorabool 
Steeley Lane  Mount Egerton  West Moorabool 
Wise St  Mount Egerton  West Moorabool 
Hopwood St  Gordon  Woodlands 
Morrisons lane  Korobeit  Woodlands 
Barkstead Rd  Springbank  Woodlands 



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Tuesday, 29 September, 2020 - 11:09